Red Head Steering Gear

Code: RH2879

This gearbox is an updated version of Mopar’s own updated version. What this means is that besides getting the best of the best, you’ll also receive an upgraded pitman arm due to the larger sector shaft of this particular box as well as a new tie rod end that attaches to the pitman arm. For those that truly want the best gear box on the planet, this is it. Your steering will be effortless, featuring consistent, smooth turns.

CORE CHARGE: $300.00


Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)


6 Bolt top cover

Much larger piston for increased durability

Much larger sector shaft diameter for increased durability (sector tapers to allow for stock pitman arm)

Much larger fluid chambers for increased assist

Internal valve adjustment design is based off of big-rig steering gears for increased durability

Stronger housing to prevent cracking

Includes pitman arm and tie rod end